Friday, June 24, 2011

My Life

When I walk around, people stare at me. It seems like they think that I have some kind of disease and if they smile that they will catch it. I am treated not like a human. People do not respect us. They are scared. I am just a person who has bad luck. I do not take drugs and I do not commit crimes. I am a religious person and obey the laws. I just cannot get a break. I do not have a job but I would like one. I am not lazy. I think that people think that homeless people are lazy. I am not. I have tried to make money by cleaning, taking care of kids, and had a couple of part time jobs but no one is hiring someone with no education. The money they pay can't pay my bills. I lost my home. I am tired of being judged and treated like a disease. I am a person. I live and breathe and eat and need love like everyone else. I do not have many friends but I would like some. I believe in Christ and he loves me. I know that he will not give me more than I can handle, but I am really sad right now. I hope that he hears me and helps me out. I sure do need it.


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